Series 56 holders and blogs?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mirzy, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Mirzy


    So I have my series 56 and want to start a trading blog. It will be general ideas and what I am currently focusing on, my stock calls for the day/week, more for myself to keep me on point as well as for others to see my progress as a trader and get a discussion going. I heard there may be some stipulations as to what you can post online as a trader with a series 56 license. I could not find any online. Do you guys know of any? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. :)
  2. LVMises


    I hold a few licenses and am considering doing something similar. The disclosure for most licenses (sec, finra) are pretty tough on this, ime

    I am in the process of developing some sites and a blog with the intent of publishing them after i leave the firm i am at. Would like to hear your thoughts on the structure of your blog as maintaining one with the intention of drawing a consistent audience requires diligence and 'networking' on the web amongst other bloggers and financial sites

  3. Mirzy


    My motto is offer value, REAL value and the blog will explode on its own. It has worked in the past for me with blogs. I just need to know what I can/can't talk about on my blog as a series 56 holder. Is there an online resource with the stipulations etc? My main issue is talking about my calls. I do not advise people to take my calls but would post them for educational purposes and they are pretty accurate so I would like to keep doing it. Am I allowed to?
  4. Mirzy


    I would really appreciate a link to Series 56 official rules on the matter. Are any around?