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    According to the CBOE Outline, 50% of the test covers Trading Practices and Prohibited Acts. Breakdown is as follows:
    1. Supervisory Procedures
    2. Applicable Federal Regulations
    3. Prohibited Activities
    4. Trading Practices
    5. Regulation NMS - Regulation of the National Market System
    6. Third Party Trades
    7. Excercise/Assignment of Options
    8. Clearance, Transaction Review and Settlement Procedures
    9. Transaction Review
    10. Order Tickets
    11. Settlement Practices
    Ref page 3

    For those that have taken the test, do you feel that 50% of the questions fell within these categories?
  2. At the end of the exam, you get a print out of your score per section.
    On the print out it says that 50 questions came from Section 4: Trading Practices and Prohibited Acts
  3. That indeed is correct.

    9 - Personnel, Business conduct & recordkeeping/reporting
    8 - Markets, participants, exchanges, SROs
    20 - Types & charateristics of securities & investments
    50 - Trading practices & prohibited acts
    13 - Display, execution & trading systems

    An easy exam if you have been around the industry for 25 years. Scored a 92% on 1.5 hours of prep.
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    PassPerfect Material is supossed to be pretty good, taking mine in a few days...we shall see