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    Hello ET'ers

    Haven't seen any recent threads regarding the Series 3 and was wondering if there was any preferred method of study in terms of looking at specific materials and if anyone had any recommendations.

    It appears that there are plenty of vendors, yet I was hoping the knowledgeable here would be able to assist in weeding through the fluff.

    Also, if anyone has any recommended materials on hand, I might consider purchasing them from you if you no longer need them.

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    I have the CBT 2007 Manual for 2007.. I used it last October with the provided CD and got a 87 with 2 weeks of studying.. I'll sell the combo for $50 shipped. Read the book + do the practice questions on the CD will guarantee a pass.
  3. Kaplan seems to have about the best study material out there in my opinion. If you are not familiar with all the areas the test covers I think they do an excellent job of getting you there.

    Its kind of pricey but you will pretty much pass it on the first try no problem

    If you know the material pretty well, then I would suggest just getting a CD from any number of vendors out there

    Or for a lower priced one these people are also good.

    Note that the Series 3 is for brokers and allows them to open accounts as well as get paid commissions but if you are just soliciting you can take the Series 31. The Series 31 test is required for those who wish to receive trailing commissions on commodity limited partnerships, commodity pools, or managed accounts guided by Commodity Trading Advisers. I mention it because the 31 is a 45 question no brainer as opposed to the 3 which is much harder than the 31 and over twice as many questions.

    I have purchased from both companies and lean to kaplan as the best but as a nice 2nd choice

    Best of luck on the exam.

    Debi :)

    I used these guys for my series 7 test. I passed on the first try. I got the one with the CD final exams so i could just take them over and over.

    When i did the series 7 I studied for about 120 hours and STC says you need to study for 80 to 100. Series 3 is a little easier as it says you only need to study for about 35 hours, but you may want to study for an extra few hours on top of that. Do not take the test until you are getting at least 90% on all of the practice tests.

    I passed the series 7 on my first try and i did it in under 3 hours (they give you 6 hours to take the test)

    Series 3 they give you about half the time to take the test (2.5 hours) but you have half the questions, so if you are really prepared you should blow thru it in just over 1 hour or so.
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    I'll let you know when it arrives! Thanks again...
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    Received as promised. Thanks a ton!
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    great gluck!
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