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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Dr.Greenback, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Just looking for some insight into obtaining sponsorship for a series 3 license as a commodities broker. Tiger Financial group is seeking commodity brokers and are will to give paid training and sponsorship for the exam.

    What information do you have about brokerages offering sponsorship for becoming a commodities broker, and what is your opinion on opportunities such as these.
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    I took it about 10 yrs ago and there was no sponsor needed then. Not positive, but don't think that has changed. 7 needs a sponsor.
  3. Are you a broker now? I know brokers are generally just order takers but, is it a good way to in the door. I know with stockbrokers there's a lot of cold calling. I assume it's the same thing.
  4. Sponsored training? Ha! They throw you on the phone.
    Good luck. Buy Heating oil for the winter, buy gasoline for the summer. Hope you can sell that to assholes over the phone. Plus the clients always eventually lose despite the logic of their trading strategy.
  5. You do not need to be sponsored to sit for the 3. Just go to the NFA website, which will then take you to the NASD website and you can register all online.
  6. Yeah, your right! That Heating oil trade last year didn't seem to work out for them.:p However, they mentioned that you don't have to take trades you don't agree with so, who knows?

    But, what good is a Series 3 without clients? A broker needs a book, just having a Series 3 seems useless. At some point your going to work the phones.:confused:
  7. Yeah, they say sponsored but, their just paying people to be glorified telemarketers. But again, what good is a Series 3 without clients? One could register for the exam and pass but, then what?
  8. Yes, a series 3 without a book is useless. If you don't mind charging people 20-25% vig...and buying 6 cent unleaded/heating oil spreads 14 cents out of the's a decent business model, but the client eventually gets killed every time.