Series 3 material for sale

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  1. I have the Securities Training Corporation (STC) Series 3 study guide. It is dated 2005 Vol I and includes practice questions (some which verbatim on the actual exam.)

    Takes about 2-3 days to read through and do the questions. (I didn't mark any of the questions in the manual)

    Just took the exam today 7/3/08 and passed at 88%. If you understand all the practice questions in the regulations, hedging, and options chapters you will easily pass.

    I am willing to take 100 bucks or the best offer. I no longer need it.
    :cool: :cool: :cool:

    Also, forgot to mention, if you have any questions about the exam, please post them and i will be happy to answer.
  2. caroy


    $10 bid
  3. You're selling the 2005 version for $100?

    Little dated isn't it?

    The 2008 STC self study retails for $150

    Why would I want to do you any favors?


    Are those crickets I hear chirping?
  4. Well the prep material hasn't changed, and even some of the questions in the practice exam questions were verbatim in the actual series 3.

    I'll sell it for 50 bucks or the previous poster can have it for 10 bucks. Thanks.

  5. Stosh


    pm sent.
  6. et123


    whoever bought this study guide back in July - if you are done with it, can I buy it from you? Thanks
  7. and after you are done ... I'll buy it from you :D
  8. SuperVolatility, WHEN YOU ARE DONE, LET ME HAVE IT :D
  9. Stosh


    Sorry....not for sale. I refer to it frequently as I am a new futures trader. It is really not that good, but there doesn't seem to be much out there for basic training at a reasonable price. Stosh