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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by qtip, Oct 9, 2005.

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    I have been studying for the Series 3 for the past couple of weeks. I am using the Dearborn study materials and it seems to be good.

    1. Can anyone tell me which study course material is better? Dearborn or STC?

    2. Also, can someone share a breakdown of the test on what is important and what is not?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.:)


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    There are lots of regulatory questions on the test. You need to know the sorts of interactions that are permitted/not permitted between people in different roles in different states and entities...lots of paragraph questions about those.

    There are also a good number of math questions involving grains, softs and bonds. The main thing there is knowing what trades in teenies and 32nds...there will be answers for both so you need to know that.

    Most of the rest is common sense or basic knowledge from the book.

    If you got the Dearborn CD and can get consistent 90s or better on the practice exams, you should be fine.
  4. post your question in the Career trader forum, you'll get a lot more responses. Dearborn's CD is a must, it alone will get you through the test. search for posts on Series 7 and you'll see more recommendations.
  5. qtip,
    In your previos Post: Becoming a CTA, etc, I mentioned STC and the focus of the exam. If you have taken a study test from either Dearborn or STC, then you have basically seen the exam.
    The only difference is the Series 3 will break out Regulations and Market Analysis into 2 seperate scores. When I studied using STC, it simply gives you a score based on x out of 120 questions, not x out of 40 reg, and x out of 80 market analysis.
    If you score > 85% on STC, you will be ok for the real deal.
    Just know your regulations!