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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nravo, May 2, 2008.

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    I'm planning to take the Series 3 (in Sydney, of all places) and I have a Securities Training Corporation Study Manual from 2005, Vol 1. Is there any reason to believe this would be seriously out of date for using as a prep tool today?
  2. Just took the series 3 today, some people say it's easy.. I would say it's NOT easy, however not extremely difficult.. I would not feel confident in taking an exam with outdated material. I used
    Passperfect binder and cd, scored 94/90 on the 2 sections. Studied for 2 weeks. Good luck.
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    You already work in the field and have exposure to the materials in your day-to-day?

    And is 2005 that outdated?
  4. Been trading my own funds in futures for 13 months. Was an equity trader for a large investment bank for 12 yrs. In the process of launching a fund in the next month or 2.

    The material I used to study was considered up to date, yet it had Q&A's that were denominated in Deutsche marks? The test has greater emphasis on rules and regulations, mostly common sense. However, if your going to spend the recommened
    30 hrs. to study, why risk it? Kinda like daytrading w/ Yahoo quotes "penny wise; pound foolish"
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    Does anything bad happen if you fail? If not, you could take the exam the first time without studying any manuals at all. (zero investment of money, zero investment of studytime). If you pass, that's the end of it. If you fail, no worries, just study the 2005 manual you've already got and take the exam again. (zero investment of money, xx hours investment of studytime). If you fail a second time, now you have proof that an investment of money in a new study guide would probably be worthwhile. ($200 investment of money, another xx hours investment of studytime).

    Think of it as "just in time" purchasing of study materials, you only buy them after seeing a proven need for them. Predicated on the big assumption, the foundational if: IF you don't mind failing and re-taking the exam.

  6. You'll be more than fine with those study materials.
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    I'd like to buy a used copy from someone here on ET. The test prep companies are making a fortune with their high prices. Thanks!