Series 3 Exam

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  1. alex1234


    Series 3 exam prep course
    Purchased last month for $205
    Passed exam today
    Material includes study guide + CD
    CD has 14 comprehensive exams -- 7 tutorial tests /7 tests
    + separate quizzes for each topic (11 topics)
    Asking $85 -- i take care of shipping
  2. pwrtrdr


    You still have ?

  3. wouldn't rush to buy it unless you know WHO created the course. You can get fluffy stuff on Ebay for cheap that is little more than a CD or PDF of near useless drivel copied from others.

    Even Investopedia? (I think) has free minimalist course prep stuff
  4. braye


    Do you still have materials?
  5. series 3 is easy, lets say compared to the 7 which is much more comprehensive. If you know basic hedging math the 3 is a lock.