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    I have to study for and take the Series 3 exam here shortly and was wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best place to get study guides and stuff. I have listed some companies below that offer materials, anybody have an opinion either way?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    Thanks for that, I will check it out. I have searched quite a bit already though. I was just posting to see if anyone who has taken the test has any up to date advice. I figured this is the site where these types of people would hang out.
  4. I used STC 11 years ago - many of the practice exam questions were very similar to the actual exam.
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    Thanks. Actually I just ordered their study guide and CD. The company seems professional and the price isn't to bad.
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    Just took the Series 3 last week and was using the STC material. I can't complain, I was well prepared after studying.
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    I bought Kaplan's book. There are a lot of mistakes in the book but it was good enough nonetheless. There are a bunch of questions on hedging and regulation. The hedging questions you can get down cold through repitition but you may find the regulation questions challenging because they bring a few questions out of left field. All in all, it wasn't a hard test but you need to take as many practice tests as you can until you consistently score in the high 80's. I took the test after I was scoring in the low 90's but that was because I memorized many of the questions. I got an 88 on the exam.
  8. Same for me, I used STC and took it last week. I got a 91%. If you just read the STC text and get all the practice exams down so that you know the questions backwards and forwards, you'll pass.

  9. I'm actually interested in taking the Series 3 too... It doesn't require sponsorship so why not.

    I looked at all the links posted earlier. I don't really want to pay $300 for educational materials on a ~$110 test... is it possible just to purchase a simple review book that doesn't exceed $100 somewhere?

    I would be taking this test as a hobby and for general educational purposes I'm already enrolled in the CFA Level I for December 2009 which ran about $1,000... totally worth it with all I'm learning though.

    Has anyone used this book:

    It's $175 for 200 pages!

    Kaplan is offering a seemingly "too extensive for me" $300 program. Books, questions, online access, etc.

    Should I just cough up several hundreds for the sake of this test? It's not any financial burden whatsoever, but I can put that potentially saved money to better use in my opinion.
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    Good posts thanks. It sounds like if I study hard it should be pretty easy. I've heard the CFA is pretty difficult and takes a lot of time. Having a CFA however is considered better then even a college degree for investment type jobs. It garners a lot of respect. Good Luck.
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