Series 3 exam - recommendation

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  1. All books and CD I am finding the Web have either low ratings or back ratings including from Passtrack, Kaplan, etc.

    I appreciate if you recommend what study you used to prepare for Series 3 exam (CTA)
  2. I had the same problem as you. Not too much out there about the Series 3 Exam.

    I used and was more than happy with their material.

    After using their study guide there were no surprises on the exam. It's really not too difficult of a test.

    Good luck!
  3. Thank you, checking them out.
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    If you cover the material in Kaplan and score around 90 you'll pass. I didn't study anything other than Kaplan (Dearborn) and scored an 88 on the actual test. There are a bunch of questions on hedging and regulation. I'd say that was about 50% of the test. I didn't have any questions on technical analysis so you can probably fast forward through that. Options were a small part of the test. It really wasn't that bad. Just go cover to cover on Kaplan and you should be good.

    I took the test in the early 90's so a few things may have changed since then but I doubt very much.
  5. Thanks, many have refereed to Dearborn material, especially those who took the test years ago. Thanks!
  6. Just for reference, I took the test last Fall. I agree with the poster about skipping over TA.