Series 3 Exam (Natl Commodity Futures Exam)

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  1. Anyone have any recommendations on study materials? Thanks!
  2. I used the STC materials and did fine (although there was more math than I expected)...take the practice exams (or print them all out with the answers and study) and you'll be fine. The 3 is one of the easier exams in terms of breadth of material.

    I'm willing to part with the printed materials/binder (don't know where the disc is right now) for $50. Everything is clean - no highlighting or notes.
  3. Any other feedback?
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    Passtrak gets lousy reviews on Amazon, but I think that's because only unhappy people posted. I thought the book was good and recommend it.

    The Series 3 isn't too bad -- easier than the Series 7 and way easier than the CFA exams, if you are familiar with them.

    Good luck!
    Aaron Schindler, CTA, CFA, and formerly registered rep
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  6. Aaron:

    I appreciate your input -- I check in on your fund performance every now and then. Keep up the good work!

    I avoided the CFA program and instead did the CMT. I still "toy" every now and then with the CFA because it's so highly valued in the investment community but I think the material will probably make my head explode!

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    I'm abroad and have a two-year old study guide for the Series 3, but I'd really like to take some practice tests on a computer screen, CD-ROM or online. That's how the test is given, right? Anyone know of any?
  8. You are tested at a testing center with a camera...its a timed notes just blank note can use a calculator. if you fail you do not need to wait 30 days...

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    Ok, but I still prefer to take some tests in advance on computer, if possible. Anyone know?
  10. by the way... there is a bank of tests and you do not get to know the correct answers of the ones you got wrong...

    there is only about three options questions... thank gawd...
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