Series 3 exam courses?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nravo, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Is a book sufficient? Or are there good courses to take? Is a Series 3 necessary to be a CTA? Does it alone make one a CTA? I'm in Boca Raton.
  2. depends how smart your. i took a study course. after you pass the series three, you have to apply to the NFA/CFTC to be a principal and to have your DDoc approved. thats the document you have to give those you want to solicit money from. call the NFA and they will tell you everything you have to do. but the short answer is that the series 3 does NOT make you a CTA.
  3. I think a book would suffice. You can also get a computer cd which will administer you a test similar to the one you will be taking. Some CDs will tell you the odds of you passing the actual exam and most of them will tell you which areas to work on specifically.
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    the book is fine, don't need to take a course. Study for a week you should be fine. Concentrate on the rules and regulations section and hedging section.
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    Can anyone give recommendations as to which study courses they felt were worth the money? Thanks
  6. Took it last Monday. Read the book then took the tests for a week. I have the print out in front of me.

    futures theory and terminology = 16 questions
    Margin, settlement, etc = 15
    types of orders, customer accounts = 11
    basic hedging, basic calculations = 9
    hedging financial and monetary futures = 10
    spread trading apps = 3
    speculating in commodities futures = 9
    " " in financial and monetary futures = 8
    options hedging,speculation,spreading = 5
    regulations on CPO`s,CTA`s,CFTC and NFA = 35

    of course each test is different but not by much. The test is pretty easy..I got a 91%

    Good luck!
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    I'm in Sydney for awhile, with the book, and thought it might be a pleasant way to pass the time ...