Series 3 course study material

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Calculated Risk, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. TGM


    This is the company I was recommended and they seem to be good. I know a broker and this is what he has all the new brokers use to pass the series 3. This is a recent recommendation. Some of the other companies DO NOT apparently keep their stuff up to snuff.
  2. The Industry standard in test preparation is STC (Securities Training Corp) and its a lot less than the ones you mentioned. Buy the book. read it once, take the tests 5-6 times each and take every quetion you got wrong another 5-6 times. when you start getting 85%+ every time you are ready
  3. I went with IFM. thanks for the suggestions. Their customer service were very polite and helpful.
  4. drfrankm


    I needsome one in San Diego Ca with a series 3 to work in my office.
  5. Go with STC. The series 3 materials are only 125 dollars and like the other guy said...its the industry standard.