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    Can I hear from someone who passed this test and who thinks their study material was worthwhile?

    I know this isn't the most common test and I've searched through all the reviews of study material I could find on other sites but there aren't a whole lot of objective reviews out there. The test material changes fairly quickly and I don't want to waste 2 weeks of my life studying some dated procedures that have since been changed.

    I guess it's a sign of progress that I am hitting regulatory hurdles with no outside money... or is it a sign things are nutty.
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    Thanks for the recommendation.
    I don't see that you have taken the Series 24 specifically but if they've served you well on the other tests there is some chance they have kept current.

    Thanks again.
  4. Series 24 is one tough exam. It has gotten even harder and harder over the years as well. I know many who have had to take it multiple times with no success. Of course, I passed it the very first time.

    But, unfortunately, I don't even remember what I used to study. I used all the major ones, I remember using 3 different sets, including the STC ones. But, the real key is to get to that stage where you're doing a lot of practice questions as soon as possible. You really got to take and do as many practice questions as possible. I remember that one set of questions were particularly harder to do, and that's one that resembled most questions on the exam. Thus, you got to do all the practice questions you can and focus on the ones that you do have trouble with.
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    Yeah, from what I've heard it's pretty brutal. My 'problem' is that I pay about $1,000 a day in excess fees until I pass it. So I'm reasonably motivated to pass it quickly and the first time.

    As long as the study material actually covers 85% of what's on the test I'll be OK. But having done similar tests before sometimes I know the vendors don't keep current on these less popular exams. I guess spam buying all of them would be a lot cheaper then not passing. I just want to fill my brain with as little as possible as most of this is totally irrelevant to my business.

    Thanks for the advice.