Serena Williams at the Open. LOL

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  1. what a classless ghetto b.itc......

    "If I could shove this f-ing ball down your f-ing throat and kill you I would. "
  2. Gee, Serena said that?
    The attractive sister?

    Always loved her leeeeegs, but well, it's pro sport-dunno, can we compare it with McEnroe at his bratulent best, or is this just beyond par for a professional sportsman. Or woman.

  3. mcEnroe just lost his cool but never threatened anyones life.
  4. that's IT! she's is OUT of my fantasies for good! by Serena, it's been fun :D
  5. lol, I'm shocked.


    didn't jesse jackoff say he'd cut obamas balls off?
  6. Ewww.... how can I get her out of my NIGHTMARES??
  7. Which one is the better play, Serena or Venus? Venus is the older one right?

  8. ROFL, how in the flyinf F@*k did I get them confused, VENUS was the one with leeeegs, she was usually diplomatic though.......but her service game was always fragile.

    Serena is the one with the housewife thunderthighs, ghetto sized ass and attitude.
    She's also a much better tennis player, as her results attest, better all round game and will wipe the court of any current female tennis competition.

    Fact is, neither have a face you would write home about, but I'm guessing they are so stinking rich they wouldn't much care at this point. They could have retired years ago.

    Serena had a boob job, right?
  9. Jeez, it might be time for security guards on the court.

  10. A horrible call indeed, but still no excuse for her outburst and threats. As Mary Carrillo has said, it's amazing that she wasn't thrown out of the Tournament.
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