sequestration best for democrats

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oldtime, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. looks like we will get the tax part of their plan by Dec 31

    since the only other thing they know how to do is spend

    sequestration is the best thing for them

    they get very edgy when they can't spend

    this will give them a chance to get back to doing what they do best, since even some fiscal conservatives believe some the cuts may be too deep at this time

    as for me? I'd be happy if they just spend the next 2 years doing nothing but bickering about healthcare from all sides, from medicare to obamacare to costs both private and public.
  2. The defense sequestration cuts aren't nearly enough imo.Bush increased defense spending from 300 billion to 700 billion,the sequestration cuts are only 50 billion a year
  3. it would be just fine with me if there was no defense budget. Keep it on an "as needed" basis. I don't want my bombardier sitting there with a calculator trying to figure out if he can afford to drop a bomb.

    And if my son is over there, first I want to ask him to make sure he's got everything he needs, the best money can buy. I can get by on less over here.