September Coming!! Any DownFalls nearing Stock Markets

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  1. Guys!!

    Last september is a big crash in stock market. Any down fall nearby?? With Google missing and other stocks also not doing great as last quarter.. Are we nearing another Roller coaster ride down under????

    Please add your comments!!

    Let this message stay still we cross safely September!!
  2. You mean the huge stock market crash of Sept 2006? I think this September could be just as "bad":

  3. If this september there is afall.. How to hold tight on my long term stocks without lossing all my profits !!
  4. these seasonal indicators are worthless

    september has the same probability of being either up or down
  5. achilles28


    Do you think another market crash is possible?
  6. well um anything is possible

    but a crash is extremely unlikely
  7. Anyone remember 1987?

    First there was the "Harmonic Convergence" in August. Then the stock market crashed in October.

    This year we had "Fire the Grid" last week.
  8. "Harmonic Convergence"

    Don't think I know that one. Could you hum a few bars? (candles)

  9. Mayan calendar aye, I was just looking at something along those lines today(in a Gann, sort of way.):

    The time difference between the mean solar day and "precession"(sidereal "what's real" time) is 3.141592654 (Pi) seconds (of time) per day. Pi seconds per day accumulates to 22.94884425 hours in 72 years or approximately 1 degree (day) of arc. (Precession is approximately 1 degree in 72 years.)

    Credit to JC Webb Jr.


    Gann made reference to the Mayan Calendar several times in his writings. 2012 is the last year of the calendar.

    Gann's "The Tunnel Thru The Air or Looking Back From 1940" is interesting in that 1940 + 72 = 2012

    I'm not a Gann or Elliott follower but it's curious never-the-less.

    Happy Harmonics and Good Vibrations
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