September 2011

Discussion in 'Trading' started by noone3, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. noone3


    What to expect from this September?

    I see lots of financial trouble, mainly from EU, creating turbulence and upsets!

    Good luck to all, and enjoy the ride!
  2. GordonTheGekko

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    I've been short in and out today, coming out net positive. With the HFT's driving things up, I'm considering covering and going short again tomorrow.
  3. Granville (is he still alive?) once said that one way to speculate was to do the opposite of what had been done the year before. Last year, September was a good month, contrary to its history. And just like last year, we've set expectations perfectly by having a repeat breakout to the upside here in the latter half of August.
    Looks to me like a perfect setup for slaughtering some bulls. But I've been more wrong than right lately when I venture outside of my main interest in gold and gold stocks.
  4. noone3


    Yes but you are mostly based on historical facts.
    I am mostly concerned with EU austerity measures and deadlines that will not be met shortly this coming month.
    I am short the euro and slowly adding on S&P shorts looking for a mid-term pay off (1-3 weeks)