September 11, 2007 terrorist attacks?

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new 9/11

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  1. there seems to be rumours circulating that a new set of terror attacks are planned for september 11th. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. Stayed too short for the weekend? :)
  3. the reason this is posted in trading is because if its true. We will see huge selloffs on Friday & Monday.
  4. clacy


    We'll if there are (credible) rumors circulating around, then I would bet that they will be all over any suspected terrorists.

    Suprise is the terrorists main advanatge.
  5. Bob111


    that would be plain stupid. just like robbing same bank on same day, same time. Odds for being caught will be way higher imo.
  6. this had to be on the back of everyones mind after reading about that huge options bet thats far out of the money. No one makes a bet that big unless they know something others dont. Remember airlines got shorted the shit out of them before 9/11. All you need to do is follow the money.
  7. I thought this was explained as a company shuffling a position between accounts... don't have the link at the moment, but someone on ET pointed that out (or at least, I thought they did.)

  8. I am not subscribing to the "terrorist theory", just pointing out that most terrorists are not deterred by the thought of being caught. Martyrdom is their reward, and being successful is not necessary, instilling fear is the primary objective more so than the actual destruction of life and property. Regarding stupidity, intelligent and rational people are not the principle perpetrators of these acts. Anything is possible and unfortunately at any time.
  9. If you can find the link, that would be great. Im not sure that would be the smartest way to shuffle money though....
  10. jsmooth


    What options were purchased? Can someone post a link or just post what options, strikes, and expirations were purchased? thanks.
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