Sept. Hedge Fund Performance Numbers

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    Wednesday, October 5, 2011
    Hedge Fund Performance Numbers: September 2011

    During the month of September, the S&P 500 was -7.0% and it is now -8.7% for 2011. Hedge funds didn't necessarily fare too much better as a whole. However, a few funds outperformed.

    The following comes from individual hedge fund investor updates and HSBC's Private Bank data. This post will be continually updated as new numbers roll in...

    Dan Loeb's Third Point (Offshore Fund): $4.27 billion fund AUM
    -3.5% in September, +0.2% year-to-date

    Bill Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management: $5.1 billion fund AUM, $8.8 billion firm AUM
    -5.7% net in September, -15.8% year-to-date

    David Einhorn's Greenlight Capital
    -5.1% ytd

    John Paulson's Paulson & Co
    Advantage Fund -6% in September, -28% ytd

    John Thaler's JAT Capital
    +37.29% ytd through September 16th

    Paul Tudor Jones' Tudor Investment Corp: $8.3 billion fund AUM
    +5.37% ytd as of September 23rd (BVI Global Fund)

    Bruce Kovner's Caxton Associates: $6.8 billion fund AUM
    +0.28% ytd through September 30th (Limited Fund ran by Andrew Law)

    Louis Bacon's Moore Capital Management: $7.6 billion fund AUM
    +0.7% year-to-date through September 22nd

    Moore Capital Management (Greg Coffey's Emerging Fund): $1.5 billion fund AUM
    -5.3% ytd as of September 22nd

    Brevan Howard (Flagship Fund): $24.3 billion fund AUM
    +12.98% ytd as of September 23rd (run by Alan Howard)

    Jay Petschek & Steve Major's Corsair Capital ~ $749 million AUM
    -8.1% in September, -9.5% year-to-date

    Whitney Tilson's T2 Partners
    -9.5% in September, -29.6% year-to-date

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