Sept. Corn

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  1. Am looking at the Sept Corn to have a reversal of trend Monday, the 11th, with a swing into the next reversal on the 18th. Heads it goes up...tails it goes down...:-] What ch' think?


    Corn's been fun to trade over the last couple of weeks.
  3. Heads. No wait, tails, tails....:confused:
  4. I failed to mention that the 'Nearest Contract' should always be used with the reversal dates...reguardless of the contract month traded. $$$ profitable trading with you all..:cool:
  5. nealvan


    As long as you don't end up owning a bunch of corn..
  6. ig0r


    haha, or soybeans :p
  7. September Corn
    We traded until the night became a brand new day
    Two locals playing scenes from some romantic play
    September Corn still can make me feel this way
  8. I'll be reversing Sept. positions from the highs Monday and riding them down ....Heads I'm wrong...Tails you're right...:p
  9. Ok, real funny. Now how did you do that? C'mon, own up.
  10. Am still short from Monday's 263.0 Looking to add to these shorts again this coming Monday's high, [due for a bounce here soon, but downside got more 'Time' to be done.] Will also look at the possible on the Fri, [29th] or maybe a carry over into mon. Aug.1st. Am accumulating shorts into Aug. 3rd.
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