sept 11 anniversary

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anniversary of sep 11th

  1. Friday sell off in fear of repeat attack?

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  2. friday rally no fear?

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  3. monday Rally no repeat attack?

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  4. monday SELL OFF .....!

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  1. rally or sell off ? on friday or monday .. or no effect?
  2. I'm sorry but this is just a stuipd thread
  3. Yeah, concerning trading I think this is a stupid thread too. But I haven't slept tonight yet, and in two hours it will be the four year anniversary of when the planes hit.

    The last few years it didn't really affect me, I had friends who died in those buildings. Thats kinda what I reflect upon more right now, and as usual, I care less where the market will go, cause I can do nothing about that. Trading is so far secondary to losing people you have come to know well.

    If I could take back all of my trading success and all it has taught me, I would give it back to have that attack not have happened. But thats completely insane, it had to happen, because its what did happen.

    I suppose we take risks for what we love to do. For most of us its financial and in terms of opportunity costs. For my friends that died, I am pretty sure we didn't account for a personal life risk in trading as well. I don't rationalize nor condone what those terrorists did that day, but our financial prowess intimidates a large percentage of the world. Fear is a big player in attack. And as the "haves" we are targets.

    Its almost like it was 4 years ago, coming up on the time I got to the gym. While I was in the shower afterwards, the first plane was seconds away. As I walked out, I saw the news and it all seemed surreal. Then I saw the shadow of the second plane, and headed to my office to see it all over the new channels and wires, and I will never forget those frozen quote screens. That was too eerie. I remember being frustrated that I couldn't get my fills, but I had no idea the magnitude of what was unfolding on Sept. 11, 2001.

    I lost a few loved ones during the 90's, in another war.

    It's always hard in such a situation, since you somehow have the feeling that 'outsiders' don't understand your traumatic experience, and those who can relate to it due to personal affection make things worse. It's that silence that follows after you talk to them or they talk to you about "it".

    Then you watch it again and again. Read about it, think about it... But still a part of you somehow can't accept the fact that it actually happened.
    Was that real?

    It's a devil's circuit, AKA "post traumatic stress disorder".

    I managed to break through it once I read about ancient history and history in general. Although things have always been cruel in one way or another, we can still be very lucky to live in times as these. When you're hungry, you open your refridgerator. When you need water, you open your tap (even hot water instantly!).

    Find your targets you wanna strive for in your life and fight for them. Cause in the end, we all die. Let's leave this planet as a better place therefore.

    Time heals all wounds.

    Regards from Europe...
  5. drukes1234

    Didn't your mother teach you, "if your not going to say anything nice, Don't say anything at all"... and its spelled "S T U P I D" -you genius. If your not adding anything of substance to the thread, please keep silent. The True Economic impact of Sept 11th will ripple through the economy for years to come.
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  7. Drukes does have a point, why should the market react any differently than it normally would?

  8. Steve Tvardek

    Anything that may or may not remind people of uncertainty or fear can effect the markets. Religious Zealots against united states consider it a holy day. It would not be unlikely for a fanatical extremist to attempt something similar in the anniversary evoking past events as well as future ones.

    World trade attempt bombing original.

    U.S.S Cole

    Sept 11 attacks

    Also please consider TERROR attacks have increased since sept 11th ..

    MADRID Spain bombing

    LONDON twice public Trans. bus / subway etc.

    Just a small fraction listed above.
  9. <font size =6>never forget.</font>
  10. For those of us who went through those horrible days, I say:

    Semper Fidelis.

    I told those whom I trade with and against, just shortly after the attacks and the following months afterwards, that they should make a manditory pilgramage to NYC to see what was done and what impact it had. I fielded many comments of carelessness and suggestions that "we" should just get over it and get on, as well as proper comments of understanding and concern.

    Personally, I continued to have nightmares each time they found more at the site or held another parade. Fortunately they have subsided with time passing, as well as the intensity and stress and panic.

    Those attacks didn't distinguish between any of our usuall class, economic, racial or educational backgrounds. Perhaps there are many positive things to be learned in how we have rebounded.
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