sept 11,2001 MKT will RALLY ON CLOSE

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  2. fail.
  3. it has failed too many times so far.. today it rallies

    hello today is a buy the dip day
  4. you ain't seen nothing yet.
  5. check your charts boyz.. i called this 1:59 new york... why pay pure tick when I will start makign calls for free..

    serioulsy for free... anyone interested.. if you look back at my posts..
    i called the RICK sell at 21 which is now 12
    i called the dollar rally
    i called the oil sell off way too early i was wrong
    I was right on pfe and MF global at 3 bucks
    I was way way wrong on frnt.. at 2.35

    anyway .. i'll thro out trades ..swing trades on stocks i do not own .. if interested I will start a journal..

    My call swill eb moe along the lines of mkt up or down not when and where to get in our out..
  6. kin .. mkt has rallied 40 pts since you said it would fail.. I am only talkig about today.. mkt will rally and be up at the end of the day
    stop talking and writing and please short now so I can vacuum up what little money you have left .....close your eyes.. the mkt is rallying
  7. The DOW was flat when you posted this.

  8. Fuck recent market action, we close red at 4:00pm

    It's on. :D
  9. hey BLUBBER LANG .. flat si still 50 points lower than 50 points positive...

    KIN okay its on .. what are we betting...

    whoever loses.. starts a thread as an apology to the other..
    teh title will be

    I, __________ (user name) apoligize to ______ user name etc


    blubber lang dow is up 40 pts.. hey blubber if 40 pts positive almost 50 pts higher than FLAT..
    f-off dumbass

    blubber I am astounded by your sheer stupidity.. what does the dow being flat have to do with me saying it will be up 50 by the end of day (EOD)?

    i still say its up 50 at close
    but our bet is posi vs neg cool

    p.s. to all of you .. i have been trading for ten years.. full time.. i started in a boiler room and learned the real way things are sucka
  10. Wow, a whole whopping 50 DOW points.

    The DOW has been moving in 200+ point daily ranges for months.

    Go back to your old boiler room jerkoff.
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