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  1. Separate trading office

    I'll state it here … I enjoy trading from an office rather than home.

    I do admit that I do have a trading setup at home in a spare bedroom so that I can peruse the internet or charts etc. at nights or on weekends. Also there are times when I can and do trade from home, but not preferably. My equipment at home is a lot less powerful and a lot less versatile than what is in the office.

    I wonder if there are others who actually go out of their way to go to an office to trade.
  2. A separate office is fine if you are just trading one time zone, but not really practical if you are trading foreign markets as well. I trade in short stints around the clock (opens and closes of major markets) so my home trading office is the best solution for me.
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    I've been tossing this idea around in my head for some time, but have not reached a conclusion I like.

    Why do you like having a seperate office? I trade from about a 30 second walk from breakfast. If I want a beer, I go downstairs to the kitchen. My wife works, and we have no kids or pets so I have no distractions (other than telemarketers whom I either ignore or raise heck with).
  4. Well I do have kids and they're out of school for the summer.

    The fact is that the wife and kids have a very early schedule. They're out of the house by 7 am EST and they begin coming home after 12 noon EST. Distractions galore.
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    ... I drive over 140 miles to an office to trade...but is a factor of the character and level of professionalism and expertise in the trading room, (we have several very successful traders in our office) that motivates me to participate in this exceptional atmosphere. I also have a room I've recently remodeled for an trading office as I usually try and trade 1 or 2 days from to answer your questions day starts at 4:00 am (I trade left coast) and I have about 3+ hours of driving and a 20 min BART ride but I absolutely love trading and the other traders I am "just" getting to know.

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    It would be nice to trade in an office with a VERY small number of good traders that had the right chemistry.

    I trade from home and like it, but it is rather lonely at times...

  7. I have had other traders come in and share space in the office from time to time. The best chemistry was a stock daytrader who had left a retail trading room that I had met through a mutual acquaintance. Unfortunately he didn't last more than 4 months.
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    Maybe I should stay still then :D

  9. If I could find a trading room with a stable group of traders then I wouldn't need an office ... but the closest one is six hours away.
  10. Spreadem those seem like such ordinary choices. You make it sound like a job. I do not expect people to be a successful in this game by being average. Ordinary must be a curse of the 95%.
    [​IMG]Spread Trading gives me the freedom to trade from an Internet Café` in Bali or a laptop plugged into the bedroom of the girl I met last night.

    I have traded switching planes in an airport.

    The underlying premise of being financially independent is to be free, isn’t it?
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