Sep 21: EURUSD bottoming intraday early this week?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by roclerman, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Sep 21: EURUSD bottoming intraday early this week?

    That's the question i have to ask myself today after watch how the currencie cross the ordered downtrend channel and fail to cross to another low below 1.21 yesterday after Fed comments (this is important because that swing was a superb situation to continue to lows)...

    This is a tricky market to trade with lot of whipsaw and we have to keep our stops as tight as always, mostly on this product, anyway, im watching a good entry opportunity in a range 1.2155/90 with a stop belo 1.2150 or below 1.2100/10 depends on the time-frame we are trading.

    Target for this move (with expected swings inside the move) should be 1.2250 first and then 1.234/70.

    09-21-2005, intraday commentary

  2. EUR/USD is all over the place.

    the tradingscape looks like something out of New Orleans.

    one thing I know for sure: I been getting chewed up on my British pound positions.

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