Sep 2012 Corn Spreads

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  1. stoic


    Corn - Short Sep. 2012 vs Long Dec. 2012 chart

    Corn - Short Sep. 2012 vs Long Jul. 2013 chart
  2. Hasn't September-2012 Corn already gone through expiration and delivery? :confused: :eek:
  3. emg


    More than 90% of small traders lose. they just lose!
  4. Won't you please "expire", 100%, completely. :mad:
  5. SWTF????
  6. stoic



    Sep. 2012 Corn contracts no longer trade.

    In spread trading one may look for profit trading opportunities by having information on what are excessive values in the spread. Past information shows what these extremes may be. Someone trading the crack spread would want to know if a particular spread is unusually high or low. If trading the crush spread, or feedlot spread, one would want to know what are the extremes. The same would hold true for spreads within the soybean complex, or cross currencies.

    All I was doing in posting these charts here is to share my work. Most of the data I have goes back to 1975 so I have found past information very useful.

    If sharing my work disturbs you (or anyone else) then perhaps you should just put me on ignore. If most ET'ers find this information useless, then let me know. I don't need to add effort to my day posting to wannabees.
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    I know so little about spreads, mostly just that they limit risk. I have recently thought that corn looks ready to go down. Are you trading (and possibly recommending) your second spread?

  8. stoic


    Both spreads use the Sep. contract that are no longer trading.

    I share information. I do not make recommendation.