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  1. The latest sentiment figures are out from the AAII and guess what folks . . . there are only 41.5% Bulls.

    The last time the indicator was below 45 was the end of June and mid May of last year.

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  3. No AAII and Invstors Intelligence are 2 separate surveys. It's strange that they would diverge like this though.


    do you have a link for your AAII numbers?

    Has anyone found any value in the sentiment numbers? It's basically an online poll (mentioned in Gary Smith's "How I trade for a Living")
  4. As I indicated, my numbers above are from the AAII ( American Association of Individual Investors ).

    Where are your numbers from???
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    This guy ,Vaughn Okumura, has the website

    He is pulling his figures from the Investors Intelligence survey. Thats interesting the 2 surveys are diverging by such a degree.
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    If you guys are interested in sentiment here is our Market Sentiment Gauge picture. It generally suggests that the overall market sentiment is still mostly negative.
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    THE NDX?
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    S&P daily