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    Hi guys,
    I would like to create a sentiment indicator based on daily data. I know it already exists an sentiment indicator like this, but I think this is very expensive. As fas as I know it starts at almost $2,000 per year.
    So I thought, maybe we get enough people here to even capture the market sentiment.

    How does it work?
    I would send a survey every day after market close (10pm cet, I think that’s 4pm edt) via email, which should be filled out. Before the market opening the next day in europe, I will send you the results.
    I will not publish the results in the forum every day. In this way ensures that you must participate to get the sentiment data.

    When we get together least one hundres people in the next week or so, I would start in early June with the survey.

    So, If you are interested, send me an email to

    Ah yes, all I’m doing free. I hope that I and everyone who participate get an better advantage.

    Of course we have to discuss which markets should be include the survey. I ask for suggestions.

    Finally, I have to apologize for my bad english yet. I live in Germany and do not speak English very well.
  2. Seems like a reasonable idea but I think you will have trouble getting reliable data, and there are a number of sentiment indicators for free:

    CBOE put/call ratio:$CPCE&p=D&yr=1&mn=6&dy=0&id=p15844037931

    This site has a free short term and longer term gauge:

    And AAII has a very thorough survey that they take. I thought membership (something like $25) was required but apparently not:
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    I know that there are already a lot of free sentiment indicators. But those view almost all the long term.
    I would like to create something like the DSI.

    And you're right, if not enough people participate, we do not get meaningful results.

  4. Ich habe das shon gemacht. Es geht sehr gut. Lesen Sie bitte den Thread uber Dollar von Oktober 2009. I sprach viel uber "Sentiment"

    DSI existiert hier beim ET, Sie brauchen nur den ganzen Thread einmal zu lesen und Sie haben eine gute idea wie die Sentiment lauft. Ich glaube das ist besser als DSI.

    Ich benutze ET viel for genau diese ....

    Entschukldigen Sie bitte, mein deutsche ist sehr schlecht geworden, seit dreissig jahre bin in Deutschland gewesen und jetzt habe Ich fast alles vergessen.

    Aber bumsen habe Ich nicht vergessen. :)
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    Hi, thanks for the answer deadbroke.

    Yes, it's true that it is possible to get a good feel for the sentiment, if you reads the posts here in the forum. But I wanted something more short-term to integrate it in my trading style which include a sort of sentiment arbitrage.

    Your feeling for the dollar sentiment is pretty good.
    The real DSI sentimet data for the EUR/Dollar was:

    24.5: 69
    25.5: 67
    26.5: 68
    27.5: 68
    31.5: 68

    Everything that is over 70 is very high for this pair on a longer-term viewpoint. But such information are not very interesting. You never know what is high and what is low. I am more interested in other contexts.

    But there is no great demand for short-term sentiment in this forum. There have so far only 23 people reported to me.

  6. Glad you're doing well and glad you've excused my inadequate and rusty German :)

    Here's an important thing about DSI - I only use it at major bottoms and tops; I avoid intermediate-term usage - so usually the readings are in the 90s.

    Here's a thing you might try to get the DSI for free ....

    (1) Sign up with EWI as a frequent reader, especially for their free weekly newsletters - if you don't want to read the stuff, you can ignore it, but you will get the DSI numbers very very frequently as they talk about it a lot.

    (2) There might still be a service called Traders Resource or some such name that sent it to me free of charge every week as part of their newsletter which was also free.

    Of course these are all after the fact i.e. a little late, but who cares? The HERD moves slowly at tops and bottoms, as long as I'm at 94% or higher I'm on Defcon watch for the turn.

    Alles in ordnung


  7. You might have inadvertently hit on a stellar piece of magic w.r.t. the 23 people who have reported to you and the reason why the demand for such data at ET is so small.

    ET is exactly the same as the general investing public, that is stupid and dense and THE CAUSE of DSI readings. ET makes these readings unconsciously. This is the reason they will not be interested in engaging in doing a DSI count. The HERD is never interested in psychology.

    The 23 responses you got were therefore most likely from borderline HERD members who want to be lions - they've got a long way to go but its a good first step to break away from these stupid creators of tops and bottoms ad infintum.

    :) :) :) :D :D