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  1. if you determined martha's sentence, what would you give her?

    some idiot called into fox news this morning suggesting she should get 20 years. it scares me that people this stupid are living on the same planet as me.
  2. How about NOT GUILTY of anything at all?

    According to Objectivist philosophy, insider trading shouldn't be a crime at all. I am kinda repulsed by all the blatant lying she's been doing...but if I were indicted on 'drug charges', I'd probably lie my ass off too- so I completely understand.
  3. i find this topic interesting. here is what harry browne (libertarian) says about it:
  4. wrongway


    She is a guilty!!! Hello
    You lie, cheat and steal get ready to pay.
    She is an evil bitch and I hope they put her a kitchen of a federal pen for about 20 years. She can be somebodys bitch for real. You idiots who think she is innocent, learn something about telling the truth. Yes, I can have an opinion and yes I have met her several times and even at the top of her game, I was far from impressed. Hope you shorted MSO at 16.70 and are in the money. I did think she had the funds to buy a not innocent verdict, but justice was served.
  5. Sentence her to community service in some soup kitchen.

    She obviously needs to be humbled.
  6. why should a billionaire be humble for christ sakes they got the world by a bigger piece of the ass than you will EVER..

    they pursued their dreams a hellofalot more aggressively and effectively than you go after yours..

    and now they should humble themselves at your feet..

    who are you?

    you live in a dream world fella..

    the meek DONT inherit the world.

  7. Greatness can only be truly appreciated from a perspective of humility.

    So you know my "dreams" and the degree I go after them?

  8. says who?

  9. Great men and women throughout history.

  10. oh THOSE people..

    well i guess they should know...

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