Sensex falling over 6%.....

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    BSE SENSEX (Bombay:^BSESN) Edit
    Index Value: 17,544.15
    Trade Time: 12:26AM ET
    Change: Down 1,171.67 (6.26%)
    Prev Close: 18,715.82
    Open: 17,544.15
    Day's Range: 17544.15 - 17544.15
    52wk Range: 12,316.10 - 19,174.40
  2. Bombay?
  3. yikes.
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  5. SENSEX Chart with Fib. Support etc

  6. I buy hard at sensex 16000 and at 14000 buy the world out of india. That did nicely for me last time, thanks. This indian bull is nowhere near over long term, and even if the stuff stays flat, profit off the rupee revaluation.

    I love india. Great place. Neat culture. Hope to visit there someday, perhaps with my sensex profits.
  7. That went nowhere...