Senior Romney adviser "Praying".. not a good sign

Discussion in 'Politics' started by walter4, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Lucrum


    But when Obama prays, it's a good sign?
  2. I dunno about anybody else noticing but when muslims make a big deal about prayer : shit's usually about to hit the fan.
  3. You can even ask the Muslims to pray for you and Romney . . . its not going to help.:(.
  4. Pray for lightning to strike Obama's campaign tent on election night. Boom.
  5. Now come on PT, what do Muslims have to do with this conversation?
  6. Like that commercial that says something about getting hit by a meteor, a back up plan.
  7. obama is a muslim, always has been always will be an anti-American.
  8. In case you hadn't noticed, Mr Bill makes IQ47 look like a genius.
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