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  1. I am looking for senior notes paying over 10%. Anyone know where I can get a list of senior notes and such?
  2. Daal


    your talking about senior loans(collaterized) to corporations?VVR is a etf that invests on those, its trading at a discount right due the crisis but it looks like a bargain at these levels
  3. Such like ATT and C-PW. Need something secure to place my savings in. I currently have it in a MM account, but with the rate cuts, the rates are getting too low to keep.
  4. jrkob


    Carphone Warehouse (is that C-PW ?) doesn't seem to have bonds outstanding and AT&T's are going to pay in the Libor+30bp or so. So quite far from your target.

    10% is definitely very high yield, rated in the single B category roughly.

    GM bonds pay that kind of yield.

    If your money was in a MM before, may it was there because would need the money back soon or you wanted it safe. In which case I'm not sure if making a switch from MM to High Yield is a good idea.
  5. jrkob


    secure with a yield of 10% ??:confused:
  6. Daal


    vvr does just that. the sivs and other funds sold senior notes and other good instruments at fire sale prices so they are yielding more than normal, the etf was beat down because its involved in credit as a results the yield is very high
  7. jrkob


    I'm not arguing about the fact that its high yielding (historically, and over a long enough period of time from what I see on the chart).

    We don't seem to share the same definition of "secure" though, provided that by "secure", we actually mean "safe".
  8. I will look into them, thanks. C-PW, is Citibank ( I keep some dough in cash just in case I need it. Just for wishful thinking.