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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by quannabe, Jan 11, 2012.

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    When I used Investor RT, one of the features of that software allowed my trade alerts to be sent to a specified IRC chat room. It was great for peers who wanted to follow along.

    I recently scripted a new set-up and signal using Esignal, but it's unclear to me how to send the alerts to an IRC room. There is an "" EFS function which sends the alert via an SMTP host. Anyone used this for sending to a room? I guess it doesn't have to be an IRC room, if I can message the room via email.

    Any ideas from the chat or esignal experts?
  2. You could use something like

    It's a script that reads your gmail account supposedly and relays the messages to IRC. Not sure how it works, haven't tried it but i considered the idea myself some time ago. I coded my own in the end. It's much easier when you can code the stuff you need.

    If the above one doesn't work, i'm sure you can find other IRC clients that will have more updated scripts for reading and posting emails to chat. Just google it.
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    Thanks Braincell. That might be a short term fix. I agree that I'll need to add my own code or get someone who can do it. When you coded your own, did you link up via DLL?
  4. Yeah obviously i used a library (dll) to communicate with irc from my app. The trades were being monitored directly from IB via the TWS API, converted to infromative text and sent to irc. I used .Net and there are plenty of IRC libraries for .net if you search around. Depends what you use, so if it's not .net, find whatever library you are able to integrate or interface with.