Send TRAIL STOP order when price reaches a certain level, with IB TWS

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    Say I bought IBM at 165 and want to have TWS automatically submit a TRAIL STOP order when the price reaches 180. Assume I don't care how long it takes for the price to reach that level. How can I do that without having to program it using the API?

    I tried attaching a condition, but got this error:

    The goal is to lock in some profit, but have unlimited upside, at the expense of downside risk.
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    No answers anyone?!

    There are at least two solutions:

    1. Set a SELL STOP order (for a very low price if you want), right click it, then choose Modify -> Adjust. Then you can define a trigger price, which once reached, can transform the order into a TRAIL STOP.

    2. Set up an Alert. Alerts can trigger any type of order. It's unclear whether the alerts need TWS to be running, or they run on IB's servers.