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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Champion, Nov 8, 2005.

  1. I've got a problem where the Microsoft error warning panel 'Send/Don't Send' comes up every time I try to access the web no matter what website so in effect I can't use the browser on that computer.

    Isn't it like that? You have no computer problems for months or a year even and then 2 or 3 problems one after another.

    Can anyone give me a solution or some ideas? Is there a quick answer? Or do I have to do something more drastic?
  2. what o/s
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    Reimage your box. You should have backups for everything you need anyway.
  4. Bowgett thanks. Can you give me a little more guidance on that?
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    I usually have two harddisks in my machines so while I put all neccessary software like OS/Office etc on one of the harddrives I still can work.

    It also helpful to store a clean image of your OS+soft on a CD to do faster recoveries.
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    Attach a screenshot of the error.

    Is it the browser warning you are about to send data over the internet?

    Or is it browser crashing and asking you if you want to send data to Microsft?