Send a 40K check to anyone who makes less than 150K

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  1. Won't that stimulate the economy more than handing out trillions to the bank?

    Money will circulate at the local communities and mover around VS the money being locked up in safes?
  2. You're ahead of the game. That's the next step. 3Q 09.
  3. It will go straight to Walmart and from there the bundles of USD's get shipped to China to fill the ships with more containers :)
  4. sprstpd


    Why not give each person a billion dollars?
  5. Hmmm....
  6. A 4 trillion dollar stimulus should be able to give families a 40,000 dollar check.

    1 check per family.

    20K per individual adult.

    Must make 150K or less.

    Should work according to the numbers.
  7. clacy


    Why work? Obama could give everyone a check for $100,000. Every man, woman and child. That would stimulate the economy and those that actually wanted to work, would have no problem finding a job, because most would just walk away from their jobs due to the welfare check.

    All of the US's problems would be solved. Actually better yet, let's make it $1mm or maybe even $100mm per person.
  8. Such is the PROMISE of Socialism... and its curse.... the destruction of initiative.
  9. sprstpd


    Seriously, why stop at dinky stimulus checks. Cut everybody 1 billion dollar checks - then we will all be rich!
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