Senators spooked after the bernanke and paulson speech behind closed doors.

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  1. Wow just listening to the hardball interview with senator Dudd.

    Apparently yesterday bernanke and paulson gave a speech to the senators behind closed doors describing the biggest financial meltdown the world has ever seen within hours /days if they don't act right away on bailing out the banks from the toxic assets.

    There is gonna be movies made about the past couple of days.
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    ................assuming you can raise the money to finance the movies.
  3. It's going to make Bush look good.

    We all may get screwed over the longterm, but for the quick ideas and quick reaction Bush has to get some credit for this.
  4. I really don't think that chimp still has any idea on what the hell is just going on .

    This was all Paulson / Bernanke's work.. and to be honest I think the situation is much much worse than what even us as traders know.

    Bernanke looks like his aged 50 years in the past year.
  5. no problem - they can just issue bonds backed by the future revenue of the movie. wait...what?

    PS a movie was already made about this-- The Producers
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    There used to be a TV series about Bernanke, Paulson and BUsh et al. It was called 'The Muppets'.
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    Heard Dudd with Wolf Bltzer, same thing. something tells me that there's something else going beyond crazy derivatives, bad mortgages and the normal short crowd.

    I think we just weathered a financial terrorist attack. There's been talk about massive naked shorting coming out of Dubai.
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    Wait until you get a taste of Obama and the 45% capital gains tax.

    In Obama you are talking about a man that reports $0 in equities owned, no cap gains, no cap losses, no dividends, nothing. Eery.

  9. lol. yea dubai did it. how about goldman who have been shorting subprime and financials since 2006??
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    Do you accuse them of shorting the hell out of their firm? I did until I started hearing about the Dubai angle.
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