Senators Draft memo to SEC Chairman Schapiro

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    Senators Kaufman, Isakson, Tester, Levin, Chambliss, and Specter have submitted a joint letter to SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro expressing concern over the SEC Division of Enforcement response to the OIG investigation into the SEC's handling of naked short selling. The memo likewise addresses the need for an Uptick rule to be reinstated.

    The memo is located here.
  2. I don't see what the problem is. What's wrong with this picture:

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    Use your heads. You look at the Senators letter, you know about naked shorting, you know hundreds of millions of shares are failed, and Shapiro either ends this, or they legislate, and she's a lame duck.

    It's open season. Have fun. Thank me later.
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    Wow that is sick.