Senator sorry for 'monkey' slur

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  1. This is isn't the first time this ass has publicly displayed a racist mentality. Look up his past controversial indiscretions. And he expects to run for president. What a joke.

    On a more general note, I say get rid of all these asses in Congress and start a fresh. Maybe we might possibly get it right with our representation. Maybe. For the people by the people will hopefully have some value once again.

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    Senator Allen Sorry For 'monkey' Slur
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    what a fricking joke ...

    many hindu's treat monkeys as gods ...

    Wow, interesting, the Mexican fool is attempting to gain influence by labeling everyone as racists. Let me guess Juan, you're not exactly in favor of the US enforcing its borders? Head back to your lettuce patch Jose.


    Understand this, ktmexc20, anybody that matters in this country sees right through "hidden" agenda.

    If I sound fed up ... I am.
  3. Huh :confused:

    Are you trying to say that you think I'm Mexican? 100% German bud, not that it makes any difference. Nice language by the way.

    For the assumptive (neofight), here's what my sig stands for:

    It does seem as though.. you could be a little prejudiced as well friend.
  4. Historically our (US) politicians have been very successful at hiding their own latent racism.

    Ironically the last racist "joke" of note came from a black man, the right reverend Jesse Jackson, who suggested that jews came from a place called "hymie town" and that his group needed to do more campaigning in "hymie town"..Silly thing to say, but that is how most of these racial faux pas originate.

    Personally I have plenty to say about mexicans, arabs, jews, the friggin french, and japanese folks (in that order). However all my comments are clearly factual and offered with the intent of getting people to pay attention and to make a change. In other words, I am usually not joking.

    As an example;

    The reverend Jackson should not have wasted his political capital on a stupid slur of the jewish people.

    Everyone knows that the Hebrews have their own unique orientation to the world. For instance, as a group and "one on one" I find that they tend to be detail oriented and in most social situations, a royal pain in the ass, often requiring significant reassurance and dialogue just order a friggin corn beef sandwich in a restaurant as follows;

    Waitress approaches and asks "What can I get you folks"?

    "I'd like the Corn Beef on Rye, no onion, oh and do you have Dijon mustard?
    "We only have regular French's mustard"..
    "Well, are you sure?, do you maybe have some Dijon in the back somewhere? "
    I'm sorry, we have French's and I think we have some sweet hot mustard as well"
    "Who makes the sweet hot mustard?
    "I don't know, I can look for you".
    "Is it very hot, or just a little hot"?
    "I can bring you a little bit to try"?
    "Does it have those little mustard seeds in it"?
    "I don't think so"
    "Oh, and could I get you to cut that tomato very thin please, I like my tomato cut thin....and could you toast the rye bread please, not too much, just lightly"?
    "Got it, anything else?"
    "Yeah do have kosher pickles or just those sour pickles, I would prefer the kosher dill if you have them, and can I get you to cut them lengthwise? On second thought can you cut them into slices? That way I can put them on the sandwich. Oh and can I get a little extra Russian dressing on the side please, and please please don't let it touch the cole slaw, okay?" Oh and does that cole slaw have a mayonaise based dressing? I would really prefer the vinagerette."..

    Okay, so right about now if you are sitting across from this Israelite waiting to order your damn lunch, you want to reach over and slap the living daylights out of him. Now you might think that I am a racist son of a bitch but I can look you in the eye and tell you that the dialogue above was taken almost verbatim from a real situation. I love the guy, he is a good friend BUT he is, without a doubt one of the most irritating hebrews ever to walk the earth. This is just the facts.

  5. By all means, please share the plenty you have to say about the above noted ethnicities.
  6. Jackson's slur makes Allen right?

    Typical right wing strawman intended to deflect away from Allen's hate...

  7. It is sad to say that america has become a bunch of thin skinnned pussified, what can I sue you for, how dare you say something that may offend someone, ultra PC panzies.
  8. You are a such a Macaca.

  9. Can anyone here honestly say they ever heard that term before? I'm curious how he came up with it.

    George Allen is not a racist. In fact he is one of these republicans who has a habit of bending over backwards not to offend people, so it seemed like an odd thing for him to say.
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