Senator questions, prods Microsoft on inclusion of H-1B workers in layoffs

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  1. U.S. workers are lazy. We should let unlimited Indians in since they are more productive. Why else would Microsoft want them?
  2. if they try to pull 'anti-discrimination' stuff on him, when he's actually trying to STOP discrimination (ie, they're going to let everyone BUT h-1bs go), he may go after the whole program with a hatchet, so that no more come in

    they cant have it both ways, without tipping their hand what a trojan horse this is and always was

    i kinda hope that does happen
  3. Microsoft has been running the "we can't find enough qualified Americans" scam for years to maximize their profits.
  4. gates was the sole witness at a senate immigration hearing just 10 months ago, saying he needed 'infinite' h-1bs, but would settle for 'just' 300,000 per year

    now he's laying off

    and Grassley's not looking the other way
  5. Good idea, send us back all the Canadians that Microsoft took right from our universities. I've heard that Bill Gates has gone himself to the University of Waterloo in Canada looking for graduates.

    Our tax dollars in Canada subsidized the education of all these workers. I've heard that in Canada for every dollar in University tuition, the government contributes seven dollars.

    So send them back please, why should the United States benefit from the education that we Canadians paid for.
  6. Because Canada is a joke of a country, economically speaking. Why stay in Canada when you can make American dollars.
  7. jeez i despise this woman

    such a condecending bitch - knifes American workers in the back, then so graciously talks about prehaps a program to help the people she just crushed (she should have had bill tuck his head in and say 'i feel your pain')

    the absolute WORST of neo-liberalism, right here

    below is what she's supporting, and she knows it
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