Senator McCain did not put country first when he selected his running mate

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  1. Senator McCain said he'd rather lose an election than lose a war. But, apparently, he'd rather win an election than choose the most qualified running mate, who might conceivable need to replace him. And so, his very first decision was not "country first," but "politics first." He has put himself before country and it does not reflect well. Palin may have caused a stir but she is hardly the most qualified candidate to be McCain's running mate by any stretch. There were far more qualified and capable people available to McCain. But Senator McCain went for some flash and some "Hillary votes." THAT is NOT putting country first! And that was his first and most important decision since being nominated.
  2. most qualified candidate =

    experience =

    political baggage =

    I.O.U. =

    Quid Pro Quo
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    So who was the most qualified, in YOUR opinion? Which in the end is all that any of this stuff is right, opinion?

    BTW, what's happening in the Canadian political scene these days? For all the Canadian political experts (on US politics) we are so fortunate to have here on ET for some reason I never hear anything about Canada.

    So what's the latest scandal with the Queen, El Presidente, Prime Minister, Dictator, Congress, National Assembly, Parliament or whatever up there?
    Give us the scoop man.
  4. If you think that Palin being the BEST candidate is a legitimate opinion, then you have lost your way.

    As for Canada, we are having a federal election here on October 14th. You may start a thread if you so please.
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    Surely Canada's outstanding education system teaches better reading comprehension skills.

    1)I didn't say what I thought about Palin.
    I asked who YOU thought would have been the best VP choice.

    2)I didn't ask when the next election was. I asked what the latest buzz/scandal was.

    And yes I could start a thread about the October election, but I don't anticipate much participation. Do you?
  6. 1. I don't know who, among those considered, would have been the best candidate. Romney, perhaps? But Palin was clearly bottom-of-the-barrel fare, and you know it. I was stressing that even the IDEA of giving her serious consideration in light of the caliber of the other candidates is a joke. But the joke, apparently, is on you guys. Regardless, it won't be the first time that a Republican insulted the nation's intelligence.

    2. Precisely. Since no one else here would much participate I see no reason to discuss it. But that should not discourage you from doing so.
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    1)So even YOU the all knowing, more educated, enlightened, political genius doesn't know who he should have picked?
    But you're poo pooing his choice?
    Maybe since poor McCain is not as smart as you guys, he didn't know who else to pick either.

    2) You presume too much, I don't know it.
    You just think me and everyone else should agree with you.
  8. Did I not suggest Romney as a possibility? Regardless, I don't have to be a chef to know undercooked meat loaf when I see it.
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    Well you did, sort of.
  10. Our vigilant Canadian lefty continues his vetting crusade for the benefit of us non-worthy Americans.

    What would be do without them to keep us on the straight and narrow?

    Does Obama give out awards to foreigners who stump for him on the Internet?

    I don't know about anyone else here, but I feel blessed knowing TDog, TT2, and Co. are looking out for us, ensuring we keep our eye on the ball (the "ball" being the removal of the evil Bush-Cheney Axis of Oil Company Enrichment), and doing their part to, um, make the US kinder, gentler, and more beloved in the world. By golly, if we only subscribed to the wisdom of our northern neighbors, I'd bet we could be in the good graces of Syria, Iran, and Venezuela by spring!

    "O Canada....With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
    The True North strong and free!"
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