Senator Kerry: Building 7 was a Controlled Demolition

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  2. Wow, just saw that too. Very good question.

    Why would we have been lied to about it?
  3. Because they do not want you to know stuff
  4. what could they possibly need to hide about the reason for WTC 7's collapse?

    If true, doesn't a controlled demolition of wtc7 imply foreknowledge of 911, since it takes days if not weeks to perform? Not something that can be prepared on the spot in an unstable building with fires inside
  5. i dont think you can demolish a bdg and then claim insurance, regardless if you thought lives were in danger: steel frame stuff never collapsed due to fire or damage, you'd have no case.
  6. You mean that Silverstein made up the 'demo' so he could claim insurance?


  7. implications of preparing to pull a skyscraper in matter of hours in the middle of fires and mayhem? and WTC7 was recently reinforced on the order of none other than silverstein to survive standing with entire portions of floors missing, also fires were sporadic, new photos emerged recently showing the huge plume of smoke originated from WTC5 and reason to pull.
  8. So these were the first people to ask Kerry about this?

    He almost sounds like he has no idea what is being asked.

    Maybe he is part of the coverup himself. Maybe he did it...:eek:
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    Agreed. He must be responsible.
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