Senator Dodd's opening remarks slam Paulson, Wall Street

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  1. It's possible that Paulson will be increasingly restricted in his efforts to aid Wall Street.
  2. Does anyone still naively believe that any of this is an accident?
  3. A little late in the day....
  4. The best laugh that I've had in a week is when Dodd welcomed the CEO of Chrysler (Nardelli) who who had been ousted from Home Depot :D

    I guess that the Chrysler BoD thought that Nardelli would be a real "nuts and bolts" kind of manager.:D
  5. i'm glad dodd's telling it like it is

    hey,......wait a minute......wasnt it dodds job to be supervising them all these years, as head of the senate banking committee?
  6. Everytime I listen to Dodd, I realize why Congress has an approval rating of 11%. Didn't Dodd get a cheap mortgage from his ceo buddy? Why do we have these hearings where Congress grills everybody else on why they didn't do things right? Hindsight is always 20/20. Anybody can say you should have done this and that after the fact. When are we going to have hearings and grill these Senators on why they can't pass a balanced budget? Or why our national debt is 10 trillion? Congress doesn't realize that other people and company's can't just borrow more money from the Chinese everytime things don't work out.
  7. actually it's 9%
  8. And yet the incumbents still keep getting voted back in. We've only ourselves to blame.
  9. 10 trillion?

    that was before an 8 trillion bailout

    then of course, there's unfunded liabilities

    10 trillion is 'the good old days' now
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    After watching some of these hearings and listening to the questions, I've decided Bob Corker (I think that is who it was) is the only Senator on this committee who has any kind of brain.
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