Senator Bob Dole Trades With WizeTrade?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by version77, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. You have to be kidding! Senator Bob Dole is going to be a guest
    speaker at the WizeTrade convention this October. He is going to
    hold a Q & A session. Imagine that, Bob Dole the daytrader. And
    with WizeTrade no less...

  2. has anyone actually used this software?
  3. toby400


    Hi Pussycat,

    look at the Software Forum, several warnings there regarding this garbage.

    I've also seen "Questions" about this software on other sites. Maybe I'm a cynic but I think the snake oil boys are trying to pump this product via innocent bulletin boards.

    However E-Signal seems to endorse them albeit relying only on written submissions from these people.

    Copy of E-Signal E-Mail:

    "Hi Toby,

    Thanks for your note. I have read the reviews and they certainly are not very flattering. In fairness, they don't paint the entire picture though. They have signed up many customers using eSignal and have a relatively low cancellation rate. We have heard as much positive praise, if not quite a bit more, than we've had negative feedback. We try to work with a wide variety of developers so our customers have as many choices as possible. We will continue to monitor the feedback we see regarding WizeTrade, as well as all our other partners.

    Thank you for taking the time to write me.

    Scott Johnson
    eSignal Support "

    I remain a cynic.

    I am not an expert on US politics but if Dole endorses, or is manipulated so as to appear to endorse, this product, then I understand why most of you are rofl when you learnt of this gem.

  4. Yannis


    I bought it in December 2000 and returned it 3 weeks later. Interesting concept and cute user interface, and the people there are really eager to help you learn how to use it, but it definitely needs a much better algorithm to get decent results.
  5. Hey Dude, hopefully you don't think I am one of the snake oil
    boys trying to pump this POS software with my "question"?

    I just think it is a joke that Wizecrap would use a Senator to
    pump thier junk...

  6. toby400


    Relax Dude,

    The comment was not aimed at you. In fact I endorse your bringing the subject to light.

    Along with others on this site I believe you are one who is ready to highlight potential traps and the hubris generated by the foolish or their predators, the snakeoil gang.

  7. Finally relaxing Toby400... I was thinking you thought I was a
    Wizejunk user or something. I was just pointing out the lengths
    Wizecrud will go to in order to brainwash people out of their
    money in an attempt to trade the market. And gee whiz, only
    $4000 to do it! What a deal! Not...

  8. trdrmac


    Since Dole is pumping Viagra, this is a natural progression. What else would be better with the new found virility than making a bunch of cash using Wusstrade and getting some hotties.

    And let us not forget Bush Sr took a bunch of GX stock in lieu of cash for a speaking engagement he did. In fact come to think of it if anyone wants me to pump their products I will work for 25K + 10% of the door.

    Call Me

    800 SHILL-4U.

  9. aura0663


    That doggone viagra makes me dizzy too, but since I can't sell anything like viagra or trading systems-I think I'll run for president
    #10     Jun 13, 2002