Senator Al Franken Sent $95,000 By Republicans

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  1. Al Franken Sent $95,000 By Republicans

    First Posted: 07- 9-09 02:07 PM | Updated: 07- 9-09 02:41 PM

    WASHINGTON — In the last chapter of a stinging loss to now-Sen. Al Franken, Minnesota's Republican Party has sent the Democrat almost $96,000 to cover lawsuit costs.

    Republican Party spokesman Mark Drake said a check was sent via courier Monday to Franken's campaign committee. It arrived Tuesday, the same day Franken took his oath for a seat held open during an eight-month recount and court fight.

    Minnesota law required Republican Norm Coleman to reimburse Franken for some costs because the election lawsuit didn't change the outcome. The judgment excluded Franken's attorney fees.

    The Republican and Democratic parties have each chipped in to help pay candidate legal bills.

    The check included $872 in interest that accrued in the month since Coleman was ordered to pay up.

    The Minnesota Democrat's swearing-in marked the end of an eight-month political and legal struggle and drew thunderous applause and a standing ovation in the Senate chamber. His presence gives Democrats 60 votes, enough to thwart possible Republican filibusters.