Senate unanimously approves measure to audit the Fed

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    The amendment also calls for releasing the names of institutions that received in total more than $2 trillion in loans from the central bank during the peak of the financial crisis.

    The provision received a vote of 96-0, with support following a compromise reached late Thursday.

    "This makes it clear that the Fed can no longer operate under the kind of secrecy it has been operating under," said Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., the measure's author.

    HMMMMM I wonder if this will impact the markets . Dow is down 70 right now in AH.
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    yes, the fed just kept this country out of a depression. so it definitely needs to be reigned in.

    by congress.
  3. Too bad the REAL audit won't ever see public eye, because it was voted down. Instead, you'll get some watered down worthless audit.

    "A proposal for a broader audit failed 62-37, with bipartisan opposition."
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