Senate rejects $250 checks for elderly/disabled

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    All I can say is...WOW! So the government decides to give more money to unemployed people who are perfectly able to work (like $400 per week)and are just too lazy to go looking for work, but they wont give a 1 time payment to the elderly/disabled of $250 who most of whom wish they were physically able to work but can't.

    We live in freakin' backwards land. Help the people that can already help themselves and screw the people that cant help themselves. Nice.
  2. The elderly thought they could kick the can further down the lines so that their heirs would have to deal with the mess. Unfortunately the fuse was too short and it blew up in their hands taking their nest eggs with them and now they are forced to eat dog food. The elderly are too weak to pose a threat. :)

    I bet they never expected that. A 250 dollar one time check will not do much. The only reason they keep continuing sending unemployment checks to the masses is out of fear. The last thing you want is a shit load of hungry pissed off people holding pitchforks.

    Send those Gubmint checks, and folks will keep quiet as they watch Judge Judy,daytime soaps and springer.
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    I don't think the U.S government is in control of this anymore. They like people to think they are but the reality is they're bankrupt and there are just little pockets of government left trying to actually do something with what they have.
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    I am on unemployment because my company's insurance rates went up 20 % and I was laid off.

    The average elderly person probably spends $100,000 a year on drugs and care that do not work, or they wouldnt need had they taken care of themselves.

    How is that my fault?
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    It isn't, I haven't been able to get a real job for almost two years now because of the sorry ass state the economies been in. I've not collected on unemployment though, instead I've saved up and now I'm trading micro-forex to build up my capital and hopefully get out of the house in a couple of odd years.

    The economy isn't out yet, hopefully the current governments will be dead before then though there's still room to try and make money for yourself.
  7. Whats your excuse for the mentally disabled people then? The people that dont have the intellect to have worked and saved money? All they know is that this year, they wont have enough money to go to the bowling alley once per month, or some other small piece of entertainment because Joe six-pack has been sitting on his ass not wanting to work until his UE benefits run out. Its only a one time payment of $250. Its not even what states pay the unemployed for 1 week of doing nothing. That money would mean alot to many people.

    Also the elderly person that you think spends 100k per year on drugs....How would you like it if you spent your entire life working for next to nothing and paid your taxes every year, then when you need a little extra help, you are told no because some young kid thinks you dont deserve it and its your own fault for not having a better job, or losing your life savings because your broker put all your assets in bear sterns or citigroup.

    These are the people we should be helping...not banks, not unemployed people who dont want jobs and I say they dont want jobs because there are a ton of census jobs that they cant seem to fill I guess $15-$20 per hour is not a good wage when you are getting free money from the government and would have to give that money up.
  8. I don't have anything against the extended unemployment benefits as I am unemployed myself but is not collecting any benefits now. Using some of my emergency funds just like the person above me, but I think instead of giving those benefits to the unemployed, why not add that to the benefits of the elderly or disabled people. They needed help the most anyway.
  9. The day the gubment started writing checks to individuals was the day it all started falling apart.
  10. Wow, it really blows my mind that people have yet to wake up.

    What do you think, we are on a perma gubment hand out?

    Who is John Gault....

    Better find out people...because your days are number'd if you continue to think that the gubment is gona save your sorry asses.

    Private Sector/Manufaturing Sector are the two key "injection" shots needed. Cut Taxes more...stop the Gubment spending, get your house in order........take the pain........withdraw isn't easy....

    If your so concerned....then start giving up some of what you own or make and give it to the needy, take in someone to your home... give back to your community ......STOP LOOKING TO BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU!

    Continue on the addiction to the Guberment....and pay the price.

    Choice is yours.
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