Senate passes $612 bln defense spending bill

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    612billion/300 million americans = EACH AMERICAN PAYING $2040 for the defense of their country LOLOLOLOL

    to put this in perspective

    Canada = 18.2 billion defense/ 32 million ppl= $581/person

    Great Britain=35.5 billion/59 million = $601/per citizen

    France=29.5 billion/60 million= $491/person

    Germany=24.9 billion/84 million= $296/person

    Russia=40 billion/141 million=$283/person

    W T F IS WRONG WITH THE US??? holy smokes that is alot of money being wasted, could be used to bailout ALL the banks at once and be over with this mess.
  2. Being "policeman to the world" is expensive.

    It was expensive for the Romans, too. Contributed greatly to the fall of the empire.
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    Paying again the bill of the free riders.
  4. i think if you were to add all other countries defense budgets you would still come short of the US one i'm sorry but that's absolutely ridiculous, and it doesn't change much under either candidate for presidency, disgusting.
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    well, we gotta have a strong military to bully other countries to do what we want to do (buy our debt, etc). I think we're kinda stuck with that now.
  6. excellent point. that's why russia and china are next to conquer (after iran). i'd be very affraid of the country sinking in debts AND with a strong military...
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    Wasted money indeed. It could be invested in the development of new sources of energy in order to escape dependance on oil, medicare and social programs. Politicians become increasingly reckless in their pursuit of riches...
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    Bush at the head. Make sure he does more damage before he leaves office. How can the possibly pass this with the economy as it is now is beyond me.
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  10. This is exactly the herd mentality that has us in this situation to begin with.
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