Senate Liberals shoot down American Dream

Discussion in 'Politics' started by alfonso, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Sad day for American politics as Miguel Estrada withdraws his name from nomination to court of appeals.

    Absolutely disgraceful what the Democrats did to this poor guy.
    All for what? So they could "check" if he's a conservative? Like, he's not allowed to be? What rubbish. Why don't they just go and ask Janet Reno!

    Can latinos in the US get a clearer message that they're just paws in the Democrats hands or what? Man, if I was in the GOP I'd be hitting the airwaves with Spanish language advertising 24/7.

    Then again, maybe someone can explain to me, why the hell Repubs didn't make Shumer really filibuster? Like for 10 hours straight or something. Then we'd easily see the abject lack of substance in the Democrat's objections.

    Such BS. This guy had all the credentials. If I'm a hispanic, conservative american right now I'm really, really mad.
    If Democrats can pull this crap off just because they have some reservations about how political (and there was nothing suggesting any extremism whatsoever) a nominee is, then -- maybe AAA can help me out here -- why have I never once heard about any senate inquiry into the judicial activism in the Supreme court?
  2. The Dems are expert pols. They knew that with such a shallow Repub majority and some of the Repubs being sick, old or unable to respond to an immediate call for a vote that the Repubs wouldn't / couldn't risk doing it because they wouldn't have the numbers. Having feeble old guys in office is yet another reason for term limits. The rest of the senate and house is another good reason.
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    alfie, baby, has anyone ever suggested that you get a life? Or maybe a hobby or something?

    Is there a bowling alley near by? Perhaps you could join a quilting bee.

    Most anything that would take your mind off of issues better suited for someone with a mind...
  4. Er, um.. I think you mean American Nightmare.

    With Rhenquist, Scalia and Thomas , America doesn't need another radical neocon in line for the top court.

    Don't worry about Miguel. Ann Coulter will run over and get on all fours to offer her bare bony butt as condolences. And I am sure Clarence will grab a Coke and watch too.

    There are plenty of great Hispanic jurists who will get their place in the Federal Judiciary.
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    For some odd reason these statements strike me as borderline insightful; I'm completely serious. I'll get back to you once I figure out why. :)