Senate Judiciary Commtt on Shrt Selling, hedge funds, and Analysis

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    Can someone comment on why this is the business of the judiciary committee?
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    Well, their job is to protect the good citizens of the USofA from evil doers of course.
    But first they have to put a finger on the evildoer.
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    And to pound the table, preach and pontificate while the cameras are rolling.

    Makes them feel like they are actually doing something.

    Steve D
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    A related comment ,dont think its any of thier business;
    & commented that to my 2 Senators.

    Less gov, less taxes, as pointed out to Senaort/DR Frist;
    Nissan Moters moved its headquarters to Nashvill TN for those 2 reasons..

    Nissan moved from CA to TN becuse of less gov regulation , less taxes:cool:
  5. Because Americans are angry, and everyone should go to jail. Find a bad guy to transfer one's own misery to someone else.

    Illegal aliens? Throw 'em in jail.

    Short sellers? Throw 'em in jail.

    Employers of illegal aliens? Throw 'em in jail.

    Sellers of marshmallow fluff? Throw 'em in jail.

    Seriously, the United States has turned into the most uptight country in the world. And we reelect these people -- time and time again. And yet, the polls show that voters are so unhappy with the job they're doing. But we keep sending 'em back. If I knew that Republicans would have turned into this, I would have gladly voided my whole voting record.
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    I believe this is a result of the SAC Capital, Steve Cohen's hedge fund..and has to do with his relationship with some analyst firm in arizona...telling them what to say about certain stocks...

  7. Checked YHOO news around lunchtime;
    apparently the hearings are going pretty well.

    That is a ''federal appeals court friday overturned the new SEC regulation of hedge funds'':cool:


    12:13 pm ETime , of news story.
  8. Testimony of
    Mr. Matthew Friedrich
    Chief of Staff and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division
    United States Department of Justice

    Testimony of
    The Honorable Richard Blumenthal
    Attorney General
    State of Connecticut

    Testimony of
    Mr. Gary J. Aguirre
    Former Investigator
    U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission

    Testimony of
    Mr. Marc E. Kasowitz
    Senior Partner
    Kasowitz, Benson, Torres & Friedman LLP, Alliance for Investment Transparency

    Testimony of
    Mr. Joseph McLaughlin
    Sidley Austin LLP, Managed Funds Association

    Testimony of
    Mr. Kim D. Blickenstaff
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Biosite, Inc.

    Testimony of
    Professor Owen A. Lamont
    Professor of Finance
    Yale School of Management

    Testimony of
    Mr. Demetrios Anifantis
    Former Client Relationship Manager
    Camelback Research Alliance, Inc

    Testimony of
    Dr. Howard Schilit, CPA
    Founder and Non-Executive Chair
    Center for Financial Research and Analysis (CFRA, LLC)

    Testimony of
    Mr. Jonathan Boersma
    Director, Standards of Practice
    CFA Centre for Financial Market Integrity
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